Thursday, 28 February 2008

Bye Bye Rust!

I keep finding more and more little jobs to do with every visit! The throttle pedal has sheered at one end so a quick visit to the local breakers solved that. This was a bit of a pain to change, the christmas pounds are still with me and i struggled to crawl into the footwell and reach upto the retaining clips and pedal mounts at the top of the bulkhead. Still its done now!

So then off with the drivers side front wing. Quite bizzarre how this one has rotted out yet the passenger side is perfect with no rot at all. Im guessing a drain tube has been blocked. The wing was a bit of a pain to remove, there are two screws right inside at the front and you have to get your hand inside the splash guard, with battered knuckles and torn hands the bloody thing caved in and the wing was removed.

You can see the remains of some of the wing in these shots.

A little cleaning up with the scraper and wire brush and we got back to the main body. Apart from the lip which has a small amount of rot everything else is really solid, phew! The whole lot was jenolited and then silver hammerite was applied. The whole innner wing was then waxoiled. This should be it now in that area for the rest of the cars life...........hmm!

So all the car needs now is a wing and some paint then its MOT time :-)



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