Monday, 24 March 2008

Oh no.......

So, you have one car in pieces in your parent’s garage that requires a lot of work to be completed.....

You have another that has been off the road for a while that you take to pieces with the best intentions to make roadworthy.

What’s the obvious and logical thing to do in this situation?

Buy another old wreck of course!!!

What happened was...........

Firstly it’s all Jony Ellis's fault - 100% :-)

Jony has been hankering after an old BMW for a while, he keeps showing me eBay ads, piston head ads, all kinds of nice cars and all for stupid low prices. He got me totally hooked to the point I was saying to Claire 'ohhh look at this, isn’t that nice, we have room outside and of course you can drive it' Rather than sway me into stopping she was like 'ohhh yes that’s very very nice and I used to have a 535i sport that was the best car I ever owned, should never have sold, bloody lovely'

I was doomed.

So one night after a little too much red wine I spotted a car locally to my mum and dads, I just so happened to have some work booked in the area and knew id be passing the car. A few emails exchanged and an appointment was booked.

So a quick look, test drive, scour through the history and all was well. I liked it very much! Then I made a really insulting offer which was accepted, the seller even delivered if for me to the Lake District.

So what have I bought?

It’s a late e34 530i.
M60 3.0 V8
Rare manual box
Full on board computer.
Mtec Recaro leather sports seats
Full service history which is mainly BMW then a master technician.
The top of the engine was rebuilt 20k ago and head gaskets etc done.
Just had exhaust, tie rods, front disk/pads, full service.

I have used the car all week and its impressive. Taking it to London and Glasgow on business trips has seen the car complete 2500 miles this week alone and its averaged 26mpg. Its the most powerfull car ive ever owned, the power is awesome to about 4k then it just becomes something else, madness!

As with any old banger i have found lots of little jobs that need completing and i have not got a clue what im going to do with this one long term, but its got T&T till the end of October so providing its reliable then ill just drive it.

The 325i just needs its wing painting and fitting then its MOT time.

The Spitfire (to keep my ever suffering dad happy, bless him) is looking like its going to Chesterfield, more details at a later date.




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