Monday, 28 April 2008

Blat of Enthusiasm

I have managed to get a few 'spitfire' things done this weekend, it has been enjoyable working on the car again and this morning i feel a lot of my enthusiasm returning.

The Megajolt has been installed and wired up, all working fine. From the short engine runs completed i can already see a significant improvement in cold running, the car just starts and idles like you could never achieve with the standard set up, its awesome!

The alloy rack mounts have been fitted, easy peasy.

I also changed the Anti Roll bar links. These were a complete pain to remove and on one side the lower rubber bush separated from the internal metal sleeve and left it rusted strong to the anti roll bar. In the end I wound two nuts together and removed the stud from the roll bar, cut the sleeve down the middle and gave it a sharp blow with hammer and chisel in the vice - it did not argue with that :) Anyway they are now replaced and all is well, another thing removed from the MOT list!

At Stoneleigh i purchased a small Delco Alternator; this has now also been installed and wired up.

I am trying to get people free for a weekend in May and have a long weekend blast on the old girl - come on Wayne&Rach, Jony, Ste, Ben, Phil and anyone else who likes getting the hands dirty!! The fridge is full of beer - honest :)

I also flushed and changed the coolant and replaced the serpentine fan belt on the 530i this weekend. Oh what joy with all those cogs and pulleys to rememeber its configuration! Apart from that all seems to be going well.



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