Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Slowly but Surely!

Before my car went to Willow Triumph I removed quite a few parts to work on whilst it was being repaired. Sadly Due to a pretty mad workload at the moment time to spend working on these parts has been a bit thin on the ground. Today I popped over to Willow Triumph to have a look at the car as it’s now completed. As usual being a total fool I of course forgot to take my camera! However I was not disappointed, from the brief view of the car the work looks second to none. Tim Willow has spent a lot of time perfecting the panel fitment and alignment. I was extremely pleased! The car was far more rotten than anticipated (usual story we are all used too eh?) So lots of hours of blue words echoing Tim’s workshop has been had.

So now I need to consider what to do really with regard to painting. I am still mulling over whether to go for a complete pro job or do it myself in the spring time. I’m not bothered about it being a show car but would like it to shine! As the car has already swallowed nearly 2.5k i am trying to limit any more spending before my bank manager gets annoyed.

Other things I have managed to do are:-

Build the brains of the megajolt unit. This was a very easy task and I have connected it to my laptop and all is well, when applying load to the MAP sensor the values on the software change, its doing something!

The trigger wheel for the megajolt has been welded to the pulley. I asked my dad to sort this for me as he works with people involved in heavy engineering and aerospace workshops. I am not sure on exactly what was done but I think they have milled some of the rear of the pulley and press fitted the wheel in place then welded it in three places at equal amounts. Looks good anyway!

A wide width radiator has been purchased from Phil Wright. This has been sanded down, jenolited, primed and painted matt black.

The radiator surround bracket has also had the same treatment, I have modified one side to take a capillary thermostat as purchased from RS. Part no 561-460 www.rswww.com
This is going to be mounted on the drivers side and plumbed into the lower hose, not quite sure if it will seal properly from other peoples experiences but time will tell!

The MX5 seats have been cleaned and treated. These we're going a bit brittle in places so I have fed them with some leather restorer.

From my previous blog entry you can see that my interior is quite different from standard. This was completed in my college days and i am not too sure on the cream top and under trims anymore. Id quite like peoples opinions on this and whether or not I should revert back to the OE black style, answers on a post card please!

That’s all for now, hopefully the car will be delivered back in the next week or so, i am going to install the megajolt and get it running.


P.S Dont know why but when my blog is displayed through the CT website it cuts pieces out and looses pictures. If you go directly to the link http://mesonsspitfire.blogspot.com/ all is well. Does anyone know why this is happening?

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